Firm Overview

Firm Overview

The law firm of SLOCUM & BODDIE, P.C. provides personal service and attention to small businesses, individuals and even government agencies in areas of government contracts and grants, technology licensing, real estate financing, corporate law and civil litigation of commercial matters. In addition, the firm helps with estate planning for business owners and executives, retirees who have seen their portfolios grow with the recent economic boom, and even young families who just need to assure that their children are protected in case of catastrophe.

Each of the principals assists in all areas of practice, but generally it can be said that Mr. Slocum specializes in government contracts and grants, business and estate planning, and business transactions. Mr. Boddie concentrates in real estate development and financing and commercial litigation. Additional areas of expertise include corporate law, computer law, technology and licensing, and university-related grant and contract law, and research and development. Recently, Mr. Slocum represented a certain lovable purple dinosaur in trademark and copyright enforcement litigation all over Virginia.

Because of the firm’s recent efforts:

Several clients have received large settlements on government contract claims.
Several real estate developers and lenders were able to recover from a debtor who used complex schemes and tactics in Bankruptcy and US District Court to try to avoid multi-million dollar debts.
International brokerages and agents have successfully negotiated major financial and manufacturing arrangements.
Small businesses operating in the former USSR have successfully obtained payment from recalcitrant foreign corporations, and have overcome difficulties with taxing authorities.
An aerospace manufacturer successfully forced a large defense agency to force prompt processing of its qualification requests.
Government contractors and company executives were exonerated from allegations of contract fraud connected to the “Ill Wind” investigation.
Attorneys facing the loss of their license and major financial claims for alleged malpractice were successfully defended.
Several financial institutions have been defended successfully against RICO claims.
Corporate and university clients were provided with comprehensive policies and procedures for compliance with procurement integrity rules, the drug-free workplace rules, NIH conflict of interest rules, and other government-mandated ethics requirements.
A computer peripheral manufacturer has successfully protested several procurements that were biased in favor of a large, brand name supplier.
A large title insurance company has avoided hundreds of thousands of dollars of claims made against it.
Small disadvantaged business owners have avoided or have been acquitted of criminal charges under the Federal False Claims Act.


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